Hillary Rodham Clinton weighs in on the Mueller Report in an OpEd

Former Secretary of State and Democratic Nominee Hillary Rodham Clinton posted an OpEd in the Washington Post today with her thoughts and recommendations regarding the Mueller Report. Let me tell you she doesn’t pull any punches. Check out how she starts out…

Our election was corrupted, our democracy assaulted, our sovereignty and security violated. This is the definitive conclusion of special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s report. It documents a serious crime against the American people.

The debate about how to respond to Russia’s “sweeping and systematic” attack — and how to hold President Trump accountable for obstructing the investigation and possibly breaking the law — has been reduced to a false choice: immediate impeachment or nothing. History suggests there’s a better way to think about the choices ahead.

Obviously, this is personal for me, and some may say I’m not the right messenger. But my perspective is not just that of a former candidate and target of the Russian plot. I am also a former senator and secretary of state who served during much of Vladi­mir Putin’s ascent, sat across the table from him and knows firsthand that he seeks to weaken our country.

Hillary Clinton via the Washington Post on Wednesday, April 24th, 2019

Obviously I agree with her conclusions and her assertions that Democrats, Republicans, and every day citizens needs to act. I don’t think I agree with how measured and delayed some of her recommendations are because I think the validity and investigatory threshold has been met with the Mueller Report as is. Even this redacted version we have before us now spells out in clear detail the crimes, not crime singular, crimes plural obstructing justice. I think we can and should act now on impeachment but I definitely appreciate her weighing in such force and clarity.

If you want to read her OpEd in The Post in its entirety you can at their website after the jump.

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