Justin Trudeau does gay happy hour in honor of Pride week

Seems like I have really been on a leadership kick lately. I’m sure that’s because we are surrounded by bad leadership right now with a racist and white nationalist in the White House. Leadership can be hard to quantify, and even harder to prescribe a fixed set of behaviors that will work in every situation or context, but often we know it when we see it. Last week, I referred to Megan Rapinoe as leadership in motion, as she repeatedly called out Donald Trump for his ugly attacks on minorities and women. She has also done a masterful job of using her celebrity and notoriety, stemmed from her success on the soccer field, to fight for gender equality in U.S. Women’s Soccer. Megan Rapinoe is also an out and proud lesbian.

This week, I call out Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for being guilty of the same wonderful crime of being leadership in motion. Trudeau showed up at a local gay bar in Vancouver during happy hour to shake hands, have a beer, and take selfies in honor of pride week. There were a lot of smiles, pictures, and cheers from the crowd as everyone instinctively knew they were witnessing something truly special and ground breaking. This is what leadership looks like. This is what leadership feels like. This is what leadership does. It lifts people up. It includes rather than excludes. It isn’t just a show for the cameras or some sort of ploy or gimmick to gin up false support. Leadership thrives in the light of day and runs in the pack of Equality and Pride. The fact he is easy on the eyes as well is just a perk. 🙂

If you would like to know more about Vancouver Pride you can do so after the jump to their official website.

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