Moscow Mitch strikes a cord with voters…and it should

This might be one of the most brilliant and accurate attacks on the Obstructionist In Chief Mitch McConnell that I have ever seen. The “Moscow Mitch” moniker is not only catchy…it’s 100% true. Under the Trump Administration McConnell has done nothing but aide and abet The Donald in protecting and providing cover for Russia’s continuing attack on our democracy.

Here are the facts: Several bi-partisan bills have been put forward aiming at shoring up election security and helping protect our infrastructure from meddling. Moscow Mitch has refused to bring any of the bills to the floor of the Senate for a vote. He won’t even allow any debate or discussion on the bills or the issue of protecting our elections from outside attack. We have already heard from former Director Robert Mueller and current FBI Director Christopher Wray that Russian efforts to thwart our elections are ongoing and continue in real time. Mitch McConnell is helping Russia hurt our democracy and as one Washington Post reporter put it, “is doing more to further Putin’s addenda than anyone else in government right now.”

This is not partisan spin folks. It’s the cold hard truth which is what gives this catchy label legs to walk on its own. Mitch McConnell has put party over country most of his career. What Moscow Mitch is, and should be mad at, is that now that means helping Russia meddle in our elections and not lifting a finger to do anything to stop it. Big shout out to Kentucky Democrats for gifting us this brilliant and credible campaign as fodder against one of the most unpatriotic Senate leaders of all time. If you want to check out Moscow Mitch swag go check out their online store!

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