Tech review: OnePlus 7 Pro

Basic Specs to point out: $700 Model: 256GB, 8GB RAM Display: QHD+ 1440 x 3120 pixels, 19.5:9 ratio, 6.67 Inch, 60HZ/90HZ refresh rate Memory: UFS 3.0 256, 8GB RAM Cameras: 4 Total. 16MP pop-up selfie, 8MP primary, 16MP super wide, 8MP 3x telephoto, Snapdragon 855, Dual Sim. As a owner of the Oneplus 5/T, here’s the improvements I really enjoy about the 7 Pro.

USB 3.1: Finally. This allows for usb 3.1 transfer speeds, be it for storage, display output, or being able to take in or put out more juice. All other OnePlus devices had USB 2.0. However the 7 pro still only comes with a usb 2.0 cable (warp charging limitation, for now), which isn’t a deal breaker since you can easily buy a usb 3.1 cable for $5.

Much better cameras: Everyone is still calling the cameras on this phone “meh”, but if you’re just an everyday user like almost anyone else, it’s excellent. You can still boost things up with a little tinkering (which is what makes a camera subjectively good or bad..

Sound: The sound on a oneplus was never bad, it just wan’t great. Before the Oneplus 7P, all oneplus’s have had a single, downfiring speaker (that was easily covered). With the 7 Pro, you now have dual speakers for the first time, combined with dolby atmos! This makes for a theater like experience, if your phone is close enough. Yes, there is no headphone jack. That’s not a surprise, seeing that the 6T dropped it, and every flagship no longer has it.

Battery: Battery just has never been an issue on any Oneplus device, period. Since the OnePlus 3, oneplus has had 20W charging (now 30, with Warp Charge). In comparison, QC 2.0, a 2014 standard still used on galaxies, is a steady 12W-15W, ONLY if the phone is not in use with screen off. It’s noteworthy that iPhones still only come with 5W charging, unless you pay more to buy the charging components. The phone, with “normal” usage, can easily last a day or 2 on a full charge.

A massive screen: Almost everyone is complaining that the 7 pro is a titan. It is. But it’s nothing of a discomfort for me. I have really small hands, yet have always struggled with anything less than 5.5 inches (16:9), especially when it comes to typing, and I’m not able to easily one hand mode 5.5 inches anyway, so I’m not affected by much with the huger screen. Even so, there is plenty of methods to use the phone one handed; but face it, there aren’t too many compelling reasons or situations to need to do that. If you’re a grease monkey, or always have hands full, I’d suggest you not use such a beautiful expensive phone in such situations in the first place.

A first: Premium flagship experience. Although Oneplus phones have always been decked with powerful specs, they usually suffered from a mediocre display, meh sound, “just” okay cameras, and an underwhelming design. That was acceptable, because Oneplus devices have always been cheap. They weren’t meant to just be cheap however, but to be best value. The Oneplus 7 Pro finally delivers what all flagships have, but better overall, and for less. Another first is that the Oneplus 7 Pro is widely available in the US, via T-Mobile. (The 6T did launch in the US before the 7 Pro, but not with much of a bang.)

Some specific elements: Display: You can’t talk about the 7 Pro without talking about its display. The 7 Pro has the biggest display of any premium flagship, alongside with the best quality overall. It is a Super AMOLED. It has a very wide color space/gamut, and visible even in the sun, yet gentle at night. It has one of the highest (if not, the highest) screen to body ratio (90%), and is really aspiring to look into. Don’t forget about the in-display fingerprint scanner either. The revolutionary tech is what Apple has failed to implement in their infamous iPhone X, choosing instead to make a needlessly complicated system that obstructs the display. It’s very fast, and still as reliable as previous scanners. The 90 Hertz refresh rate is one of the most unique, and best features, that the Oneplus 7 pro has. 90hz is no gimmick, and is actually quite noticeable. A very detailed breakdown of the 7 Pro’s display can be found here. (It’s very technical, but very detailed.) The 90hz mode is noticeable even if there isn’t framerates higher than 60fps (a misconception that is still widely believed).

Pop! The pop-up selfie camera was all the craze before even the 7 pro came out. Vivo, Oppo, and other chinese manufacturers had experimented with it for about a year, though they were all flimsy, and questionable. The 7 pro managed to make the pop-up “indestructible”, and justifiable. Do you want your display obscured, or a popup for a component you don’t use often anyway? The pop-up is completely justified on the 7 pro, since it is a notchless, and full screen phone.

Gestures: The oneplus is still the only (if not, few) phone[s] that have gestures for navigation, and custmizable off screen gestures. Gesture navigation kills the view obstructing navigation bar that I have despised. Best yet, gesture navigation doesn’t show any indicators (unlike iPhone and pixels). Off screen gestures, like draw a V for flashlight O for Camera, or to open any app. You can also control music as well; > for next, <previous, || to pause or play.

Cameras: All this utility is very useful to have. I used to have a smartphone camera lens kit which was useful, but very cumbersome and impractical in daily usage. The ability to zoom, go wide angled, or “normal” in a few clicks is dead on practical. The primary sensor, which is 48MP, is astonishingly high quality and churns out “DSLR” like pictures, and competing with the likes of Samsung and iPhone. The primary sensor can also record beautiful, smooth 4k60fps, and record slow motion up to 480 fps for a full minute (960 in other phones is only done for less than half a second; so the 480fps is practical for longer lived spectacles).

As a final verdict, I really appreciate that the device was available widely at T-Mobile, and through their payment program with no interest. A friend of mine who had upgraded made me quite envious, mostly because I wanted to wait another year before upgrading grumpy face. I do not at all regret this purchase, and would hope it gives everyone else the best experience they’ve had for the buck!