Victory Fund says vote Mayor Pete

The LGBTQ Victory Fund has made its very first presidential endorsement and has officially given Mayor Pete Buttigieg the thumbs up. Victory Fund is a political action committee that supports gay candidates for public office. They dub themselves as “only national organization dedicated to electing openly LGBTQ people who can further equality at all levels of government.”

Here is a quote from the organization’s home page today:

For the first time in our 28-year history, we’re backing a contender in a presidential primary. Mayor Pete has the experience, record of service, and vision that is required to not only lead this nation – but also to defeat Donald Trump at the ballot box.

LGBTQ Victory Fund

It’s very early in the primary season and there is no way of predicting outcomes this far out. Let’s honor and celebrate the pioneering reality that for the first time in our country we have a viable, mostly-qualified, openly gay Democratic candidate for President of these United States. I don’t know if we are quite there but I firmly believe that Mayor Pete could be the Harvey Milk of U.S. Presidential politics. We are probably watching history in the making. There is a great article about the endorsement at The Advocate and if you want to read more about Victory Fund can do so after the jump.